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Jill is an AWESOME agent! We sold our house in North Austin after 9 happy years and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jill again in the future. Jill was always quick to respond and her communication skills are top notch. Jill has in depth knowledge about the local market and she’s passionate about what she does…as you can tell by the amazing videos that her and her fantastic team put together. On top of all that, Jill also excels at staging and helping to manage emotions/expectations. It’s no wonder she’s won so many awards. Highly recommended!!!

It was a truly rousing success for me and Jill exceeded my expectations every step of the way. I’ve bought four times and sold twice now and I can say without any doubt or hesitation that Jill is by far the best agent I have ever worked with. Thanks again so much for making this easy on me and getting me more than I ever thought I could!

I know people who do their jobs well and then there are those who just ROCK IT. Jill is one of the latter. She runs the gamut between being the social worker who gets to know her clients and the type of Realtor who can be the go-getter and play ball when it is needed. I have to say this was all really awesome to witness and be a part of. Also, Jill is the fourth Realtor we have used and, by far, the very best.

I recently placed my Eubank Acres home on the market. It was a no brainer to have Jill act as my agent. Her keen expertise of the area made the whole process a breeze. She and her staff stayed in constant contact with me through both phone and email. From the initial walk through to signing all the papers when it sold, she took the time to explain everything in detail. And her staging…WOW….made my house look awesome! I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. I definitely recommend Agent Jill and her team.

I sold and bought a home with Jill. She was a pure joy to work with on both transactions. The marketing she did for my listed property was wonderful. Her use of multiple technologies and artistry is evident in her work. My listed property brought in multiple offers. Jill steered me through that process with grace and ease. She was very flexible in accommodating my hectic schedule. In the purchase of another property, Jill used her fantastic negotiation skills to help me obtain the home I desired in my price range. I couldn’t be happier with her work. I would recommend her hands down to anyone, she is fantastic!

Jill is a high-energy, wonderful Realtor that my wife and I hired in 2011. She took us out touring houses with a picnic basket, and made the whole process fun. We’d found a house we absolutely fell in love with very quickly. Jill realized that the price had just dropped, and feared that other offers might be coming in. She encouraged us to put in an offer quickly, and sure enough, 2 other couples had placed a bid on this home! Fortunately, we did not undercut the listing price (at Jill’s advice), so we walked away with the home! 9 Months later, we couldn’t be happier with this house. It’s beautiful, just the right size, just the right price. And Jill recommended the possibility of renting out the house in the future. Sure enough, we rented the home out for SXSW (to friends of friends in for the festival), and they were thrilled. We’ll be doing that again, for sure!

We had an excellent experience working with Jill.  She went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable and well-informed throughout the selling and buying process.  She stayed abreast of the current market conditions, home prices and comps in our neighborhood as well as in neighborhoods where we were considering buying.  Jill was also very educated about the current tax credit rules and deadlines, so we were able to take advantage of the tax credit being offered at the time.  She was dedicated to truly marketing our home and even helped us with suggestions for landscaping and staging to get our home market-ready!  Her full-color, glossy fliers with professional photographs, and descriptive MLS listing made a world of difference!  We had an offer on our home in 12 days when others in our neighborhood stayed on the market for months.  Maintaining great relationships with her lender and title company, the three of them were in constant communication, so the loan process and closing went incredibly smoothly. Her dedication to quality service was more than we could have ever hoped for! Thanks a million, Jill!

We want to thank Jill for her tireless efforts in finding us a Texas home. It’s not easy to conduct a house search long distance, but she persisted in the pursuit of finding us a perfect place.
We love our house! It meets the criteria we set before her and exceeds it. The fact that we had never been in the house prior to settlement is a testament to her knowledge and understanding of our needs. Not many Realtors would be able to do that. Thank you so much Jill for not only finding us a great house, but also enhancing our family.

We feel so lucky to have found Jill during our relocation to Austin. Coming from Washington, DC with very little knowledge of this area, we were nervous and anxious about the move. With a toddler and another baby on the way, we also really wanted to settle in as soon as possible. Jill met us with such a warm welcome which helped calm our nerves right away. She  gave us a great overview of neighborhoods, and she really listened to our likes/dislikes to help narrow down our search quickly, and even helped us find a home in a matter of weeks. She was extremely accommodating to our schedules, even working around our child’s nap schedule. Not only helping with the house search, she also really helped us get settled into the community (helping find doctors, recommending local restaurants, pointing us towards parks and fun Austin activities.) We’re grateful to Jill for helping us find a house, but also for making Austin really feel like our new home.

When my fiance and I began our home search, we were totally clueless about where to start. I asked my friends on Facebook and realized that of the 15 or so responses, that  4 of them mentioned the same Realtor, Jill Leberknight, and then followed the recommendation up with posts, messages, Facebook chats and a general push in her direction. I knew I had to make the call. After Jill took us out to breakfast at the steeping room and chatted with us for an hour, I knew that we were in good hands.

Jill is a extremely skilled Realtor. She is kind, smart, driven and realistic. She will always tell it to you straight even if the news is not pleasant, and push to get you what you need. She listens to your feelings, drives around with you for hours, and helps you discover what you really want in a home.

I felt SO much better about the whole process knowing that Jill was in our court ( no wonder I have already recommended her to another friend.)

We found our awesome home after a little over a month of searching, and highly recommend Jill to anyone looking for a home in the Austin  metro area.

Jill is a very flexible, energetic, full-of-heart person. She does whatever she does with a generosity that is rare. I could not recommend her more highly.

Though I knew several really good Realtors in Austin, we didn’t want to work with anyone who we considered a friend–in case things went bad. We wanted to keep our cutthroat dealings about the sale of our 1974 1154 square foot rancher on a strictly professional level.

Three different people recommended Jill to me to be our Realtor for the sale of our house, and purchase of a new one. Three people, that I know. In person. With those solid references, we gave her a call when we started our home search.

Jill: Gave us homework to envision what we wanted in a house. She talked to us in a really nice voice that was never condescending no matter how crazy we were about this stage of our lives. (I forgot to mention I was in my first trimester of my first pregnancy ). She gave us snacks while we went out looking at houses.Did not smack us when we realized we needed to rent in order to get our overfull house, that we’d lived in for 8 years ready to sell.

And so we worked with Jill to come up with a plan. She directed us in the staging of the house, and when we were finally ready, she took AMAZING photos of the place–AND shot an HGTV quality video of the house. The house went on the market and…

TWO DAYS LATER WE HAD A REASONABLE OFFER (not full price, but it was CASH, and would close in 2 weeks.) Then we got a back up offer. And then we got a back up to the back up that we didn’t formalize because it seemed like that would be showing off.

Jill: negotiated win/win agreements with the purchaser of our house.Had stellar comps available to defend the price that we set. She talked to my husband and I in a really nice voice that was not condescending at all, even when we were freaking out. She made the transaction so easy that I had to watch the movie The Secret again to believe that anything this good was actually possible.

So, I can’t say she’s going to make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when you’re on property tour, or she’s going to do an homage to Gone with the Wind to sell your garden on the video she makes of your house. What I can say is that she takes her professionalism personally. She embodies each transaction with appropriate integrity and a deeply connected creativity. My hormonal, indecisive transaction needed lots of coddling, but I observed the way she negotiates and she isn’t inherently a coddler.

She’s got the ability to meet people at their level, and give them what they need to have a phenomenal experience during the most stressful moments of life in transition. Whether you’re selling and then buying, or just buying for the first time, you want her on your side. If I knew you personally, she is the Realtor I would tell you to call.

I enjoy working with Jill so much because she is so client-focused. She is very mindful of keeping the client’s best interest at heart and never loses sight of that. She is honest and patient and very warm. I feel very lucky to work with her and hope we do lots of business together down the road!

Jill was wonderful. She was instrumental in selling our house which no one seemed to want. And she was an awesome negotiator for us on our new home. She is extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of real estate. Also, her network of inspectors, handymen, etc. was indispensable. She knows real estate, AND she knows the people. We highly recommend her.

Jill was great to work with. She helped us every step of the way in the home buying process and is very knowledgeable and even recommended a great mortgage lender. She was always quick to respond to any questions we had and gave us quick and honest feedback on where we stood in the negotiation process. I would highly recommend her and would not hesitate to use her again in the future. Jill made it a great buying experience.

Jill was awesome. If I had to sell another house I would have her be our Realtor again. She helped us in preparing our house to sell, guided us through the whole process, and when it came time to negotiate her expertise enabled us to get the best deal possible. She also assisted us in finding a Realtor for the new city that we relocated to.

Jill has a unique ability to quickly understand just what you need and find solutions to challenges you didn’t even know HAD solutions. Working with her, you’re never short of new ideas and she genuinely cares about making sure the end result fits your style just like the perfect answer.

Jill is a breath of fresh air! Fun, honest, and easy to work with. She toured us around Austin and found us a home in 7 days.  We are so appreciative of her efforts and energy in making this move happen.

One thing about Jill is she never, ever gives up. Though it may seem like the road ahead is too dark or difficult to navigate, I can always count on her to bravely soldier on, even when others have fallen by the wayside.

Wow! If you are looking for a business professional who will look out for you and the needs of your clients, Jill Leberknight should be the first person you contact! Whether you or your clients are looking to purchase their next home, or you are in need of her expert opinion, it would serve you well to give her a call immediately.

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