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Jill Leberknight

My grandfather was the longest serving borough council member in Pennsylvania history. He was never afraid to sacrifice politics for principle and although my interests as a child were as far from politics as you can get I realize now that the seeds of providence were growing even in my youth. It was he who informed me of my first audition notice which in turn introduced me to my first love, the theater. From the boards of the theater I found many new passions; history, science, service, education and so much more. The world came alive and revealed my place in it.

I moved from performer to teacher to community servant to business and community leader. In all of these wonderful roles I have always acknowledged my roots and focused on education, creativity, and public service. The compass guiding my life reminds me that art is a state of being, education is a tool we use to discover our story, and public service is how we write a new chapter for the generations to come.

I am Jill Leberknight and I am an Artist, educator, and public servant.

When helping people navigate the home buying process I am very much a holistic real estate agent. That’s a creative guide to finding real estate solutions that feed the soul and fit your life story. Whether buying or selling, my clients often describe me as their best “girl scout guide” or personal home doula.

Who says a Realtor can’t change the world? Our homes are extensions of our story and stories are what make us human, one home, one family, one dream at a time. It’s a unique approach to real estate and it is backed by more than 17 years of experience and more than 13 advanced industry designations that have put me consistently in the top 5% of Realtors in Austin.

I’ve been honored with prestigious awards and titles nationally, at my brokerage, and within my community, but the accomplishment I hold most dear is that of mother, wife, friend, and neighbor. I love my job, I love what I do, and I’m on a mission to connect, serve, create, and empower.

This year I was honored to be elected by my peers, a 20,000 membership of the nationally recognized, top ranked and trailblazing Austin Board of Realtors, to serve as one of their Association Directors and as a Director of the Austin and Central Texas Realtor Information Systems (multiple listing service/MLS) I look forward to continuing my journey of public service and the opportunity to bring my creativity into guiding the organization and real estate industry on its quest to write the stories of today and tomorrow.


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