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18616 Double Canyon FAQ

Important Note!

First, please review the list below to see if your questions are addressed.
Second, because of the volume of requests we are receiving, if you have questions not answered below please email them to and we will answer them as quickly as we can. Again, please review the information below and if you have a specific question please email it to us. It will ensure a more timely response.

Thanks for your interest!

The seller is not aware of any deed restrictions for the property.  There is no HOA and it is in the city of Jonestown jurisdiction. We recommend that buyers contact the city to see if any future intended use of the property is allowed.

Sellers are not aware of any zoning restrictions for use but buyers, again, are strongly encouraged to vet any future use with City of Jonestown. 

We are receiving questions like, “Can I operate a winery on the property, can I build commercial, can I rent it out?” We must stress that we do not know anything about your specific use requirements. You must call or contact the city of Jonestown to vet your specific plans. 

The property sits along a privately owned dirt and gravel road with minimal maintenance. The road is owned by 10 property owners along this specific stretch of Double Canyon. Any plans for paving or improvements would need to be in cooperation with the other homeowners. There is a road that could connect and may connect in the future above the property but is not connected at this time.

WATER: Jonestown public water is accessible on the lot but there are no plumbing lines to the unfinished cabin. There is a meter on the property. Would have to dig from meter to cabin to supply water, (possibly) 100ft.

ELECTRIC: is available and there is a 200 amp electric box outside of the cabin The cabin has electrical wiring started and has been turned on at several occasions but is not operating and on at this time. PEC electric. The supply power from pole to cabin is buried underground in conduit.

There is no septic system or lines on the property.  Phone is uncertain. All other utilities will need to be researched and determined by the buyer.

The first part of the private dirt road is flat and easily accessible my vehicle.  The last portion of the road that leads up to the property is a rocky hill that is only accessible with a high ground clearance vehicle.  Parking is not available at the bottom of this hill.

The current owner built a small cabin, pictured on the MLS, in 2012.  The cabin is unfinished and there has been not been construction since. A quote from the owner about construction, “…back bedroom on side of back door and smaller window the joist are doubled up, (possibly) 12×12 or 12×10 joist… That should hold bathtub filled with water, I would not put hot tub in cabin. Where the cement blocks are, ground was dug down to rock then cement blocks were stacked one by one on each other, cabin has not moved.”

There were no obstacles to their completion of the cabin, they just had a change of plans and no longer had the time to get out to the property. They wanted to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this land.

We’re happy this wonderful property has generated so much interest! If your question is not answered above, please email us at with written questions so we can make sure your request is correctly answered.


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