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Writing the Community Story….Together

Posted by Jill Leberknight on September 25, 2022

Agent Jill’s observations of what she is calling the Pandemic Recovery Community Focused Entrepreneurial Renaissance

Over the pandemic, I have witnessed the development of community initiatives, small businesses and independent entrepreneurial efforts that are weaving threads of connection in our North Austin community and beyond. As someone who has been deeply involved in the community for many years and has a passion for the creative and collaborative, I have been thrilled to watch these ventures unfold. 

We’re All Neighbors and Good Neighbor Fest were one such example, and I have had the joy of witnessing the founders come to the community table with a desire to help solve problems and create a sense of belonging for all. This motivation has been a cornerstone of my local real estate team, so when they announced their plans to host a community festival I knew I wanted to join forces and collaborate.

People often don’t associate Realtors as community builders, but assisting clients lay down nesting roots is our job and that goes beyond just finding or selling a home. We serve in all matter of life events, before and after the real estate transaction, ensuring clients know the pathways to connect and have a sense of belonging in their community. If they don’t have a sense of belonging, then we haven’t done our job.

We all have a part to play in building strong, neighborly bonds and writing our shared story. Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, small business owner, nonprofit, parent, married, single, retired, new to the area or original Austinite. Every voice is important and every person has something valuable to offer.  Right now, life events seem to be coming at us at a lightning pace as we’ve jumped into this pandemic recovery phase and I’m truly excited to see this growing trend of genuine neighborly care both in the community and business landscapes.  And as someone who has spent nearly 2 decades coloring outside of the traditional business box preferring community connection over numbers and quantity it’s refreshing to witness the shift and have fellowship with other community advocates.

I was honored and filled to the brim with joy to have my new Austin Holistic Real Estate Group partner and support Good Neighbor Fest this year. It has been a joy to collaborate on this project and on many levels with my community. I look forward to all the stories yet to be written and shared together.

Pictures from the Good Neighbor Fest, North Austin, September 24, 2022
Sponsored by the Austin Holistic Real Estate Group and Jill Leberknight

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