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COVID-19 Procedures Update

Posted by Jill Leberknight on March 30, 2020

Dated: March 30th, 2020
(NOTE: this situation changes frequently. Make sure you are referencing the most recent policy and updates.)

Jill’s statement on service during the COVID-19 outbreak:

THE SHOW GOES ON is the name of our current real estate story. Housing demand is still pressing in Austin, Texas, even in the face of this pandemic! The short story is that real estate transactions are still happening this Spring even during COVID-19.

We are taking precautions (listed below) and we are taking our health and yours very seriously. We’ll get through this, together, but for many of us, life can’t wait.  Some of us are facing a move, a job change, family circumstances, or unexpected life change and so my team is helping our clients navigate this with the same commitment to community service that has been guiding us for 15 years.
We are here to help and we have put together new procedures to respond to the needs of our clients and customers during the COVID-19 Spring real estate market.


We have multiple online meeting options to discuss and plan any of your real estate needs.
We have online forms available on our website for you to share your questions, needs, or plans.
We are finding creative solutions every step of the way every day to get the job done without person to person contact. Creativity is a core business practice for us so we are just unleashing it in a new direction for the same purpose of supporting our clients through difficult times.
Before contract, during contract and after our whole team including title, lending, and Realtor support can be done online with virtual communication and connections. Thanks to modern technology!


We have added 3D virtual photography to marketing for potential buyer viewing
We are now collaborating with sellers virtually to continuing to create video tours of the home
We are providing virtual and online listing preparation support, staging services, and vendor coordination without interruption.
During an active contract we are permitted to open and close homes for legally mandated meetings providing vacant homes with property support.
If sellers must remain in their home while the property is active we are coordinating all communication and activity with cooperating agents, prospective buyers, inspectors, and appraisers,
We are staying informed on recommended safety precautions for the property and people.


We are organizing virtual and video tours of properties and completing property discussion via video conferencing
We are leaning into online resources to vet, explore, and continue our Agent Jill Buying Curriculum.
We are cooperating with agents to provide you with opportunities to explore and examine the home from afar.
And we will continue with our multiple offer strategy systems that are helping our clients stay competitive in this crowded market


We are continuing to share information that keeps you informed about the real estate scene in Austin.
We are continuing to educate neighbors on any developments that may affect your home value, homeowner rights, and city zoning or permitting.
Agile is one of the core values of eXp Realty the brokerage that supports the Agent Jill Team. Our national systems and leading industry technology is providing us with resources and tools right now to respond to daily developments. Our online campus and virtual systems have been in place since 2008 and give us uninterrupted communication systems that are providing us national responses to developments.
The Agent Jill Team has experience navigating clients through shifting real estate climates and led the way in social media marketing during the 2008 mortgage crisis. We know how to guide you through these challenges with success and set your listings apart.
Keep your Physical Distance, keep those hands clean and stay connected with each other and with us online. Onward we go my friends with “Physical  Distancing 2020” and maybe this will bring us closer together in other ways!

Jill Leberknight, Lead Realtor, The Agent Jill Team

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